“The first thing that catches attention about your product is the WOW effect, it hooks the user well and transfers that effect to the brand's relationship as the product (card) is branded with our logo.

This is a very valuable thing, much more valuable than possible technical effects. In the modern world, the user is very spoiled, and creating such an emotional attachment to the brand is very difficult. The user feels on the cutting edge of technology (it's like controlling a drone now), which is crucial.

For MIM users, the administration structured all the information in a convenient way and showed what they think about their listeners. Everything is close and in one place. In addition to this, it is a reminder of the resources that were prepared for learning.

The card easily replaces a large number of paper cards, reducing waste and harm to the environment. The card can be easily edited and adapted to different needs. I can give all the information I want or limit it, and all of this can be done quickly and without problems. Functionality can be easily increased, and when functionality is increased, the end-user doesn't have to do anything.

Additionally, the card can be used as merch, for brand communication, and for brand promotion!”