Solution for users tracking PAO

E-Track by phygit helps to track Period After Opening (PAO) in real-time, ensuring the safety and freshness of any beauty product.
Say goodbye to expired products and hello to satisfied customers and increased product reorders!


How it Works

The customer scans a special QR code placed on the product, launches the tracker and receive notifications with expiry information.
No app needed!


For the customer


Sense of Safety and Care

Customers can feel confident that the products they are purchasing are safe for consumption


Better Shopping Experience

By ensuring that products are always fresh, customers are more likely to repeat their purchase


Easier to Make a Choice

By complementing your products with a crucial product service, it will be easier for customers to choose and reorder


For the brand


Improved Safety

By using our digital tracker, you can ensure that your products are always safe for consumption


Activated Communication

With customers as they can receive notifications when the product is about to expire and be prompted to reorder


Competitive Advantage

Digital tracker sets the beauty brand apart from its competitors and positions it as innovative and forward-thinking


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