“Thoroughness in approach. Phygit provides solutions from A to Z and offer different options. Clients feel that if we take on a project, they don't need to do their own research or look for alternative creative solutions or approaches. 
Phygit team feels that we handle the process from start to finish, with expertise and knowledge of the market, and offer various options based on their needs. Phygit team understands that our proposals include diverse options, not just one. They know that their specific needs and requests were studied, and a solution is offered tailored to them, so they don't have to spend time analyzing options. As contractors, we optimize the solution in terms of quality, price, and efficiency.
It was important that we came ourselves and provided samples for clients to touch and see what they would get. Seeing it in person helped speed up the decision-making process and showed that we know what we are offering.
There was already a positive experience using Phygit stickers before.
Using our solution conveyed the value that Ukraine is already advanced in technology usage. It's about quality, technology, and ideology, all packaged in a sleek carrier. Especially considering the Ministry's resource constraints.”